Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina

November 10, 2021

Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina

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Castle LadyHawke: North Carolina's own Smoky Mountain Castle Venue

Castle LadyHawke is something out of a Disney movie. There are very few castles in North Carolina, but this one stands out from the crowd! If your wedding planning has led you to the conclusion that the only venue perfect for your wedding or elopement would be a castle, let me introduce you to Castle LadyHawke. The perfect place to get married in 2022!

Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina

The History of Castle LadyHawke

Castle LadyHawke was originally built in Tuckasegee, North Carolina in 2005 as a private residence by land developer Kim Nord and was later transformed into a private event space in 2008.  The design of the castle was inspired by Scottish-style castles and is an absolute marvelous feat of construction.  

The castle boasts 30 inch thick walls, a 60ft tower, a huge great hall (complete with vaulted ceilings), and a gorgeous fireplace that has a unique 14th century mantle topping it.  

One of the things that I adore about Castle LadyHawke is that when it was built, they utilized as many business, tradesmen, farmers, and artisans as they could.  So not only is the castle authentically Scottish, it’s very much authentically Appalachian.  

Castle LadyHawke closed in 2016 and recently reopened under the ownership of a group of Bear Lake Reserve homeowners.  Because of the tight partnership with Bear Lake Reserve, wedding guests are able to enjoy all of the amenities at Bear Lake Reserve while hosting their wedding at Castle LadyHawke.  These include cottages and homes available to stay in, access to the Bear Lake Reserve Lake Club, restaurant, marina, golf course, and much much more!

Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina

Features of Castle LadyHawke

One of the things I love about Castle LadyHawke is just how versatile of a venue it is. This castle in North Carolina has room for 140 guests, and renting the venue grants you exclusive access to all of it's amenities. It's main indoor feature is the Great Room, a beautiful medieval style room and fireplace perfect for indoor ceremonies. You also get access to the Carriage House, which is attached to the castle and works great for receptions because of the adjoining commercial kitchen.

Out in front of the castle is one of several outdoor ceremony locations. The front lawn has a beautiful natural arbor, which can be accented further when you hire a florist! When you have your ceremony on the front lawn, the backdrop for your vows will be the front face of Castle LadyHawke. Around the side of the castle is another one of it's lawns. This side lawn positions you in the shadow of Castle LadyHawke's beautiful stone work and tower, and places the Smoky Mountains as your backdrop. Finally, on the backside of Castle LadyHawke is the back lawn, deck, and balconies. The deck makes for the perfect spot for receptions, cocktail hours, and ceremonies. The balconies serve as great spots for cocktail hours, or even ceremonies if you're having a smaller wedding or elopement!

Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina

Inside Castle LadyHawke there are enough rooms to get lost! But that makes for endless possibilities for your day. Take some time when you tour the venue just to check out the amazing design and layouts of each room! The bridal suite leaves more than enough for the bridal party to get ready. With a walk in closet, two bathroom, shower, and two vanity sinks, you have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy yourselves.

There's also a pub on the top floor complete with a bar, and billiards table.  If that's not your style, there's two other getting ready rooms to choose from. One of which comes complete with a false bookcase and hidden room!

Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina

With so many different rooms to get ready, places for your reception, and ceremony spots, you can be sure that Castle LadyHawke can handle any kind of wedding day you can imagine!

So you booked your Castle LadyHawke wedding and need a photographer that knows the venue? That's all us! Contact us now before your date is gone!

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Fairy Tale Castle in North Carolina
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