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A man and woman embracing at the alter of their wedding in front of hexagonal arbor with fake floral arrangements decorating it

But first...

MEET Our Trailblazers

  • They're not your average cookie-cutter couple
  • They live in the present, seeking to experience every fleeting moment
  • They're more concerned with having fun than being traditional
  • They don't mind the adventure found in the journey

These are some of our trailblazers

Andrea and Justin

Met in June 2018
How did you meet:
We met interviewing for the same job AT THE SAME TIME! And we both got hired to play as cowboys at Tweetsie Railroad's Wild West show. And through our time working together, we became best buddies.
How would you describe your wedding:  The most magical day of our lives!
Our "out of the box" wedding ideas: We had a backyard wedding! We also left "till death do us part" out of our vows and traded it for "forever and ever, until the end of time".
Favorite way to spend time with your spouse: We love to sit and do nothing together, he plays his video games and I read my books. It's perfect for us!  That and watch musicals!
Bucket List Location: Nuremburg, Germany - Where Justin was born!
What's a show on Netflix you binged embarrassingly quick?:  During the lockdown in March 2020 we decided to watch an episode of The Bachelor as a joke and we ended up staying up till 5am finishing the entire season. Now we watch the newer seasons RELIGIOUSLY!

Katie and Tyler

Met in November 2017
How did you meet:
At a rum tasting in Aruba while we were both on vacation there
How would you describe your wedding:  
The most perfect 24 hours to celebrate our union as a couple, perfectly tailored to us.
Our "out of the box" wedding ideas:  
Katie had her 3 brothers as her "bridesmen", private first dance on the castle tower, we did shots of rum at the alter, we used famous film scores for our ceremony music
Favorite way to spend time with your spouse:
On an adventure :) bonus points if it's magic related!
Bucket List Location:
New Zealand (on our honeymoon!)
If you could turn the ocean into a liquid other than water, what would you pick?:  
Tyler- "Tequila!  You could have fun and still be able to see in it! And fish can breathe tequila so we wouldn't be ruining their habitat."  Katie - (fish can't really breathe tequila). Some nutrient dense liquid with high calories so we could fight world hunger with the ocean!

Mikaela and Trace

Met in High School
How did you meet:
Trace's friend took my phone and added him in my Snapchat contacts.  We stayed up all night talking at a school event and went on to date!
How would you describe your wedding:
Our wedding day was perfect in every way!
Our "out of the box" wedding ideas:
My brother was my Man of Honor instead of having a maid of honor, we had a caramel apple bar with local apples and apple cider, and I snuck vampire teeth into our wedding pictures to surprise Trace!
Favorite way to spend time with your spouse:
After a long day at work our favorite way to spend time together is sitting outside with our chickens and watching the sun set!
Bucket List Location:
Being anthropology/history majors we'd love to visit Rome!  We also want to see the Biltmore Estate at Christmas!
What's a show on Netflix that you binged embarrassingly quick:
The Umbrella Academy or The Witcher.  We watched those whole shows in a day each.

That sounds like me!

Hi, I'm Jeremy Sasser

  • Big fan of Jesus
  • Photographer
  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Husband
  • Novice Spearfisherman
  • Experienced Hiker
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Dog Dad
Jeremy Sasser, the owner and photographer of Backpacks and Bow Ties laughing on a boat at Bear Lake Reserve
A man giving a woman a piggy back ride overlooking a sunset in western north carolina at Bearwallow near Hendersonville
Jeremy Sasser, the photographer at Backpacks and Bow Ties is seen crouching behind a couple in wedding attire on a hike in the mountains
A photographer is seen holding his camera, taking pictures in the forest in the north carolina mountainsTwo men smile on a beach in Eleuthera Bahamas after successfully catching a spiny lobster while spearfishing
A man and a woman at their wedding ceremony are seen embracing one another while participating in communion, while another man prays over them

I'm Also your...

  • Location Scout
  • Personal Navigator
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Dress Fluffer
  • Personal Hype Man
  • Moment Creator
  • Logistics Manager
  • Travel Partner
  • Good-Time Extraordinaire
Jeremy Sasser, the photographer at Backpacks and Bow Ties is seen crouching and smiling on a rock formation near Breckenridge Colorado

You probably fit in with us if you...

  • Question why weddings have always been done a certain way
  • Can't stand the thought of missing out on an opportunity to have fun
  • Want the most out of every moment you have on this earth

What does it mean?


1. Choosing to have your wedding YOUR way.

2. Deciding to be different... it's more fun that way!

3. Ditching boring to embrace fun and spontaneous.

4. Living life fully in the present moment.

What other trailblazers are saying

Andie and Justin

"Better than a dream!"

Jeremy of Backpack and Bow Ties is one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with! His talent and skill are like no other, but his easy-going nature made us feel so welcome and comfortable. It was like we had all been friends for years. Jeremy was able to perfectly capture us as a couple--allowing us to be as silly and goofy as we wanted. We were able to do an engagement session with him as well as our wedding, and we were blown away by our pictures. Jeremy prioritized us and our desire to have a lot of fun candids as my husband and myself are terrible posers. Our little backyard wedding was better than a dream, and Jeremy was able to make those moments last forever.

Zach and Savannah

"Blown out of the water!!"

Jeremy and his outfit at Backpacks & Bowties deliver ten-fold on their mission to accommodate a unique, completely stress-free experience on your big day. We had a vision for a small wedding getaway weekend for close family and friends deep in the Smokies - based on his portfolio, we knew that Jeremy was comfortable with focusing on nature, candids and ultimately getting us to just be ourselves.Even then, our expectations were blown out of the water. We expected a decent local photographer and we instead got National Geographic. These photographs were absolutely stunning and it was all because he got us to be our genuine selves and used his surroundings to his advantage in every scenario. We consistently get asked how we got Getty Images to cover our wedding and we beam every time knowing we got Jeremy before he made it to the big-time.He is adaptable, responsive, professional and is ultimately a great guy who we can't wait to grab a beer with next time we're in his neck of the woods. Don't hesitate, book this man now before it's too late and the AP kidnaps him.

Mikaela and Trace

"Loved every minute of it!"

Jeremy is an amazing photographer and person in general, he is so sweet and very professional.We loved every minute of working with him and he truly made us feel truly comfortable in our sessions, we did an engagement session, wedding photos and a 1st Christmas shoot in our new home. Our wedding pictures are the most beautiful photographs and you can truly see our personalities and love of the day through them. You can’t go wrong with this photographer. I can’t recommend Backpacks and Bow ties enough!